At Holy Name, we like to celebrate significant events in our student’s lives, hence our annual Father’s Day Breakfast (4/9/14)  was an event eagerly awaited by students and Dads! At 7.25am, over 300 bright eyed and eager students and their Dads entered the school hall to be greeted with a generous breakfast organised and supplied by the school’s hardworking Parents and Friends Committee.  The breakfast was an opportunity for students and Dads, or a significant person, to share a special meal and quality time together, celebrate the wonderful role Dads play in our student’s lives and catch up with the school community!  Our wonderful Grade 6 teachers and students  prepared a power point featuring students with their Dads. This was combined with special prayers. After breakfast, it was fun to see some Dads and students working off their meal on the basketball courts! It was uplifting to see students enjoying this special time with their Dads.