Despite the rain and clouds, the Holy Name Community was not deterred from attending and supporting our biennial School Fete! The sunshine eventually came through and, with it, the warmth of all who supported the day! Lifting our spirits was the live music entertaining us all, whilst  screams of joys (or were they terror?)  could be heard by  children (and adults) enjoying the thrill of  the Cha Cha and other novelty rides. Serious foodies raced to the highly regarded cake stall to purchase their homemade treats while teachers donned their wet suits and prepared to be ‘dunked’ by a zealous and unsympathetic crowd of students. Meanwhile,  some serious and competitive  bidding was in full force  in the silent auctions.  The aroma of souvlaki, dutch pancakes, freshly baked scones , sushi and sausages tempted our taste buds while everyone held their breath and waited for the results of the Hoy Name Raffle.  Delighted children,who came out transformed after visiting the glamour booth rivalled our attention as  imaginative face painting was transforming many a child. As one excited and weary child commented ‘It was a day I will never forget!’.  Many thanks are due – our dedicated P&F Committee, Principal David Delaney and the supportive Holy Name staff,  generous volunteers, wonderful sponsors and supportive parish, but thank YOU for attending, and supporting the day! (Scroll down for photos below!) IMG_7443IMG_7685IMG_7447IMG_7588IMG_7918Optimized-IMG_3562IMG_7890IMG_7528IMG_7511IMG_7844IMG_7507IMG_7732IMG_7949IMG_7959IMG_7578IMG_7689IMG_7472IMG_7550IMG_7600IMG_7553IMG_7775Optimized-IMG_3645Optimized-IMG_3634IMG_7529Optimized-IMG_3608IMG_7524IMG_7432IMG_7966IMG_7565IMG_7869Optimized-IMG_3657IMG_7927  Optimized-IMG_3568IMG_7913IMG_7452