Whilst the Holy Name school is a world away from the battlefields and conflict in which Australia has been involved, students have been actively involved in commemorating 100 Years of Anzac through many facets of the school curriculum. The school corridors have been brightly adorned with artwork by students and Mrs Vivarelli prepared during the past few weeks of art.  This week, Year 6 students were honoured to be visited by a very respected 90 year old local  resident named  Pat Cahir,  an ANZAC who served in WWII.  The Years 3 – 6 students will watch an Anzac play, which will reinforce their class discussions and learning about Anzac Day. On Wednesday, 22nd April at 3,30pm, the school will conduct an Anzac service to honour the men and women who have gone before us into battle so we can enjoy the freedom we have today. Parents are also invited to attend.  Level 6 students will attend the Shrine for a special school  Anzac Day service.