On Wednesday, 17th June, The Holy Name Student Choir was invited to participate in the Zone Choir Festival at St Gregory the Great Primary School in Doncaster. The Festival gives students the opportunity to showcase their skills and love of performing and singing! The choir had been learning and practising two songs for this event . Nerves and apprehension were quickly forgotten as the choir went on stage, and their radiant smiles and beautiful voices enveloped the hall. The audience was captivated and the students were given a warm applause at the end of their performance. Our  students were congratulated on their happy attitude and exemplary behaviour. This is the second year Holy Name has been involved with the Festival and the students were very excited to have the opportunity to perform, meet and sing with other choirs. There was a guest ‘choir director’ who gave feedback to all participating choirs. The focus of the Festival is to inspire and support students in their love and passion of singing and music. The Festival is not a competition. After the individual choir performances, the choirs then learnt a new piece to sing together as a mass choir. The guest choir director conducted this song. Thank you to Naomi Marron who gave our students an opportunity to showcase their skills, experience success and a lasting sense of pride!