An integral part of our school’s recognition of the Lenten season, is having our students revisit the Way of the Cross. This year we are going to have our students portray the Stations of the Cross for our school at the Church, on the last day of this term, Thursday 24th March at noon. 
The students beautiful portrayal of the events of Holy Week on Monday, 21st March for parents and parish was presented very reverently, and they are looking forward to presenting this again to the school community, this Thursday.  Again, all parents and friends are invited to attend.
This presentation is a wonderful opportunity for your family to become involved in the Lenten activities within the Parish of Holy Name.
I would like to thank the 25 students and their parents, for supporting our school and parish in remembering the events of Holy Week as well Year Five teacher, Miss Donna Monteleone for her co-ordination of the event.
Mark Tierney, RE Leader