In the last week of the term, we will be preparing the students so we can remember the events of Holy Week as a school, in particular The Stations of the Cross. Each class has been given a station of the cross to represent. They will use their classroom door as the canvas on which they will present the events that occurred at that station, as well as presenting a reflection; for us to think about the journey Jesus took before his crucifixion. Each class will have their door completed by this Wednesday, and we invite parents to walk the stations on Thursday, 30th March and Friday, 31st March morning between 8.40am (when the doors open) and 9.00am, and again on Thursday evening from 3.25pm (when the gates open) till 3.45pm (when the gates are locked). Next Friday,  31st March, we will come together as a school at 9.15am in the Church, to reflect upon the term and remember the events of Holy Week.