Congratulations to our 34 Year Six students, and 8 children from the Parish Sacramental Program, who received the sacrament of Confirmation last Sunday. The ceremony was a spirit filled occasion, courtesy of our celebrant Bishop Terance Curtin’s wisdom, Father Peter’s caring words and the beautiful singing of the parish and school choirs. The church was overflowing with family and friends of the candidates, befitting such a special occasion. I would like to thank Mr Ling and Mr Koulaxizellis for preparing their students with such diligence. It was evident that the students were well aware of the significance of the occasion as they lead the congregation in prayer and singing. I would also like to thank the congregation for the spirit in which they entered into the Mass. Again the participation of the congregation into prayer and singing, was particularly evident throughout the church. I would like to thank former parent, Natalie Oman, who along with her able assistant Gabrielle, Mrs Buttifant and Ms Zannoni, who lead the choirs with such beautiful singing of hymns. The music was an integral part of what was such a significant day in the life of our school and parish family. (Thank you to Olivia, Francesca, Natalie, Ava, Bonita and Lara who formed our school choir)

Mark Tierney, Vice Principal and RE Leader