Next Monday at 2.30pm, we will be having a ceremonial tree planting for our Gallipoli Oak. We are very proud to be part of The Gallipoli Oaks Project which involved Holy Name registering to receive a Gallipoli Oak. The small prickly oak tree (now known as the Gallipoli Oak) grows along the ridges and valleys of the Gallipoli peninsula. Acorns were collected by several soldiers during the Gallipoli Oaks Project  and sent or brought back to Australia where some were subsequently planted. Holy Name’s Gallipoli Oak  will serve as  “a symbolic link between the Centenary of ANZAC, the people of Turkey and the sacrifices that were made”.  Pat Cahir, great grandfather of Scarlett and Lily, will be present, as he is a Second World War veteran. The ceremony will take place in the garden bed prepared on Robb Street. Parents are most welcome to attend.