Holy Name Primary School hosted it’s first Working Bee last weekend. Although it’s been many years since the last ‘clean up’, the number of parents that came along to support the initiative was wonderful. Parents (and grandparents!), children and staff supported the morning, and, as a result, many tasks were completed. No doubt you would have noticed the improved appearance of much of the school, especially around Cleary House.

Everyone battled against time knowing that rain was imminent and we almost made it!! It did pour rain towards the end of the ‘Bee’, but unperturbed, the ‘workers’ completed the filling of THREE skips under trying conditions, and with a wonderful spirit of happiness and fellowship. There was certainly was an esprit de corps that was quite tangible, and I know that some new friendships were established on the morning.

My thanks to everyone that contributed on the morning including the following:

Tim D. (Isabel)            Greg C. (William)       Adrian P. (Mila)            Dennis S

Vicky S.                      Jacob S (5)                  Daniel S (3)                 Bella (1)

Xavier N (Ndella)       Adrian G. (Christian)  Michael D.                      Marla P. (Cam & Vienna)

Ted M. (Siena)            Jackie D.                     Orlando                        Sam A. (Milana & Bonita)

Cesare D.                    Scott B.                       Kelly (4B)                     Jean C. (Laura & Eliza)

Cooper B (1)               Charli (P)                     Mark H. (Scarlett)          Liz H (Lily)

Francis D. (Jake & Oliver)                              Amanda H.(Nina)            Piera S. (Alexis)

Brett S. (Isaac)            Helen (After Care)      Kathy (Aftercare)            Maureen G (T)

Geraldine S. (T)          Lucy (Wilson)             Bianca A.                         Derryn L. (T)

Mr Nick Marinelli, Principal