This weekend, is the Confirmation of our Year 6 children, as well as other children (who do not attend Holy Name Primary School) but whose families have chosen our Parish to celebrate this important milestone. This Sunday is also Pentecost so it is a wonderful link and day to hold this celebration.

Our thoughts and prayers are not only with the children from our school, but all candidates from the parish who will receive this sacrament.  We pray for them and ask God to bless them at this significant moment in their lives.

The students, assisted by their teachers, have been preparing throughout the year for this special occasion. We were very honoured to have Bishop Terry Curtin visit Holy Name last Monday. Bishop Terry met with the Year 6’s and spoke to them about the Sacrament of Confirmation with a focus on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you to all the teachers who have contributed to the growth and understandings of our children since beginning their journey in school life. In particular, this year’s teachers for preparing the children. Thank you to Mr Peter Koulaxizellis, Mr Derryn Ling and of course Ms Donna Monteleone for her great work and for her wonderful contributions for planning and coordination in her role as teacher and as our Religious Education Leader. Thanks also to Ann for her work in preparing the parish candidates for Sunday’s Celebration. Your efforts are much appreciated by the whole community of Holy Name.

Our school community is looking forward to a blessed and joyful day!