Holy Name continues its commitment to reduce waste within the school at their monthly Nude Food Days, which the school has been dedicated to for over eight years.

The next Nude Food Day is Tuesday, 5th June.

Why bring ‘nude food’ to school?

YOU CAN HELP to reduce the amount of material sent to landfill to benefit the environment.

It also encourages better food and drink choices, as many healthy food options come with their own packaging.

What does a ‘nude food’ lunchbox look like?

  • Try packing snacks in reusable containers with reusable utensils contained in a reusable lunchbox or insulated pack.
  • Try to avoid wrapping food in plastic bags/wrap, foil or wax paper and pre-packaged single-serve snack items.

Tips for packing ‘nude food’ lunches.

  • Help children to make nutritious, waste-less lunches and let them make their own lunches.
  • Try packing lunches the night before and storing them in the fridge overnight.
  • Discuss with your child what they like to eat and how much. Cut up fruit and vegetables and pack them in reusable containers so that children can eat some and save the rest for later, eg. it’s hard to take some bites from a big apple at recess and save the rest for lunchtime.
    It’s easier to eat a wedge or two and then reseal the container. A rubber band around a sliced apple will prevent browning!
  • Encourage your children to bring home uneaten food to eat after school.
  • Appreciate that playtime is also important, so discuss with children how much they can reasonably eat in one day. If you’re not sure how much they can eat at school, start small, eg. a piece of fruit and a sandwich, and build it up if they are asking for more.
  • If your children have chips, savoury biscuits, or other snacks try buying a larger bulk pack (rather than the more expensive so called ‘convenience’ packs with lots of packaging) and have your children put the same quantity into a reusable labelled container that they bring home each day.


A reminder that students may wear their sports uniform to school on Nude Food Day, and ideally, they should wear their House Coloured T-shirt.