In Term 1 the Prep students have been learning about Safety and those in our community that help keep us safe. We are fortunate to have parents in our school community who were willing to give up their time to share about their role in the community and to also answer questions from the students.

The students were very lucky to have a real life Police Officer and Police Dog come visit the Preps. They learnt about Vic the police dog and all the important jobs he can do! They also got to see some really cool police tools like handcuffs and a bullet proof vest!

The students also got to see what the inside of an ambulance looks like and had a play with some special equipment and meet “real life paramedics.” The students had much information to share with our paramedics about what they have been learning this term in Inquiry.

The final visit was from the wonderful Firefighter Andrew. The students got to see the different vehicles firefighters use when fighting fires, try and find their way through a maze with blindfolds and then use a real fire hose and squirt some water!

It was safe to say all the Preps loved having these very special visitors.

(March 2021)