The Penguins by Ava

It’s rainy, crowded and dark. I see silhouettes of the public, shrouded in the blackness of night. I hear my peers’ melancholy muttering about the empty land below the timber boardwalk. “Where are they?” “What was the point of coming here?” I feel the freezing, wild winds coming from the reckless ocean, piercing my dry skin like salty circus daggers. I am confused about my friends’ spontaneous moaning. My mind exclaims, “It may be raining bullets and the penguins are nowhere to be seen, but we are together, and we are having a once – in – a – lifetime experience!”  That’s when my blue lips stretch into a wide smile.

Surfing by Adam

It was a warm and glorious day. The instructors were explaining how rips work. No one could wait to get into the cool, crystal clear water. Before I knew it, we were already walking down to the beach with the heavy, white surf boards. Soon, we were on the beach learning how to surf. The soft, yellow sand felt so soft. I could hear the salty sea water calling out for me. Once I got in the water, I could almost sense the ocean. I swam out, in search of the biggest wave. Once I found the biggest, roaring wave, I spun my surfboard around, got on and started paddling. At this point, I could hear and feel the beast chasing me. In an instant, I was swept away and started surfing. I saw everything and everyone. It felt so empowering up on that board. Then before I knew it, I had reached the sand and come to a complete stop.

Twin Flying Fox by Carmelo

I could see the fear on everyone’s face as they saw the twin flying fox. I could feel my insides were cold full of fear when I saw it! It was cold, windy, rainy as we climbed up the stairs to get to the twin flying fox. As we reached the top I could feel the vicious wind and rain on my face as I was getting clipped on. I could see and feel the joy on everyone’s face as they went down the flying fox. I felt like I was flying like a bird. I have no regrets.

The Giant Swing by Madeleine

I heard my friends laughing like crazy people as they pulled the enormous rope that was connected to the giant swing, I felt my feet being lifted off the safe and still ground that smiled obliviously at me. I saw my friends getting smaller and smaller till they were about the size of tiny little ladybugs. I heard myself gasping as I saw a breathtaking Bird’s Eye view of Phillip Island Adventure Resort. I heard the instructor telling me to pull the small scary black rope, bringing me back to reality. I stared at the rope and smiled, I reached out and pulled it. Air whooshed around me and I screamed like a crazy person. I felt like my guts were going to fall out. I finally reached the nice and safe ground and I was still smiling, obviously and I started laughing!