Final Straw For Plastic

We are very proud of Year 5 student, Cameron, who made the front page of the Preston Leader in his quest to introduce metal straws to school.

“My vision would be to sell the can drinks & smoothies with a metal straw included in the price. With the money from this grant, we would be able to keep the cost of the drinks the same as if we were supplying a disposable plastic straw. The customers will be able to reduce their own plastic straw waste by continuing to use their reusable metal straws at home.” – Cameron on behalf of Class 5C.

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A SUSTAINABILITY superhero in Reservoir has attracted national attention in his campaign to bring metal straws to school.

Thanks to Holy Name Primary School student Cameron, lunch box makers Smash Foods will next year launch a range of reusable metal straws.

It all began when Cameron applied for a Nude Food grant to get reusable straws at his school fete after he learned about the impact of single-use plastic.

Cameron said after he discovered the Skip the Straw campaign, which highlights the danger plastic presented to sea turtles, he started talking to his friends about single-use materials and the existence of metal straws.

“It makes me feel sad knowing that nearly all species of sea turtles are on the endangered list,” Cameron said.

“Many of the plastic straws we use end up in the ocean, harming and killing our marine wildlife.”

The Grade 5 student applied for a grant of $1500 to provide free metal straws with all the drinks sold at his school fete and encourage customers to keep using them at home.

In response to Cameron’s application, staff members from Nude Food Movers and their partner Vegemite visited the school to give them the good news.

They announced lunch box makers Smash Foods, the owners of the Nude Food grant, would create 500 straws for Cameron and his school and launch a new range of metal straws in 2019.

Cameron’s parents Tim and Marla said they were “thrilled” to hear the news.

“(Cameron) and his classmates were very excited to learn that they were the lucky recipients of the reusable metal straws that will be used at the school fete,” Tim said.

“More importantly, they were happy to know their school is making a difference on the war on waste.”

Smash Foods managing director Jason Harbinson said the grant program was designed to foster change and also encourage and support the students who were creating that change.

“Our goal is to not only reduce waste in the school environment but to create the next generation of waste and Nude Food warriors, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to make sustainable choices that will be with them for life,” he said.


6 November 2018



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November 9, 2018